“It takes a while to realize that we need to manage the skills of the people we work with. The only means we had so far was our own set of skills. But now, REMO is there to offer guidance, develop our emotional intelligence and boost our colleagues’ skills toward goal accomplishments.”

Jorge García Izquierdo, Director of Services Department, Gamesa/SC SUR


“The vision and culture of our company has significantly changed after this training. Every member shares today the same values based on a climate of respect and fluid communication. One of the main results is the acquisition of skills and tools which allowed the board to improve the style of its leadership. We also enhanced the teamwork and took full advantage of the departmental synergies, group cohesion and increased job satisfaction.
The overall evaluation of the training was outstanding. All managers enjoyed the sessions, which were mainly practical, and they requested new editions to keep working on the development of their management skills.”

Pilar Casado, HR Manager. Company: Metro Málaga



“The theoretical, technical and practical contents of the workshop allowed us to understand what Emotional Intelligence is and the impact it has on our work environments.
We became aware of the importance of paying attention and understanding ourselves and others’ emotions, which is critical to get to manage them. We got a better understanding on how emotional processes can impact managers and middle managers’ performance. And finally, we learned how critical is emotional regulation to ensure the success in tough situations as negotiations, giving feedback, managing resignations, etc.
To sum up, it was a practical training, which allowed us to work on real situations, which provided self-confidence and reassurance on a personal and professional level.”

Alberto Fernández, HR Director. Company: Grupo CIRSA



“The development of emotional competences in civil servants is essential in order to ease his personal and professional growth. This will be reflected in the motivation, in the accomplishment of his functions and in the improvement in customer service.”

Ricardo Manuel Fernández, Training and HR Department. Málaga City Council