life and work

We are repeatedly told how we should keep our emotions in check at work. This is true only if you want to collaborate with emotionless professionals without work engagement instead of motivated and dedicated people. If we keep our emotions under-wraps…

How can we motivate and commit ourselves?
How can we lead, sell or face the challenges without the power of emotions?



“You can only reach your maximum performance if your emotions are working too”

Emotions are a part of us, also in our professional environment. If adequately managed, far from being an obstacle, they are a resource that improves relations, people and teams´ satisfaction, and of course, our own performance. To deny or to repress them is giving away a part of ourselves, and our fulfilment as a person or employee.



People who are able to regulate their emotions are more productive, more satisfied at work, happier and all the aspects of their lives converge into a virtuous circle.